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AUTOMATIC FLAME  PHOTOMETER   FPA-2-01 The FPA-2-01 model is a low temperature single channel Flame Photometer designed for the routine determinations of Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Lithium (Li) and Calcium (Ca) in Clinical and Industrial applications.

By the heat of the flame each element produces a characteristic colour emission which has a specific light wave length. The monochromator selects the suitable (characteristic) wavelength of the emitted light. The emitted light reaches the photodetector and is registered. Due to the construction of the photodetector four elements can be measured simultaneously. The in-built microcomputer processes all data and enables readings to be directly displayed in mg/l.

The Model FPA-2-01 is fitted with automatic flame failure detection for user safety. On request the instrument can be customised to measure Strontium (Sr) instead of Lithium (Li).