The device is designed for determining double refraction in flat blanks and products of transparent and weakly tinted materials, and is used for quantitative assessment of double refraction value by Senarmon method with an error of not greater than 10 nm, for assessment of double refraction distribution in an object by interference tinting, for examining distribution of double refraction in an object with circularly polarized light.

Instrument advantages are: its large observable field allows monitoring of large blanks and products and simultaneous monitoring of a few specimens.

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Polarizing films and polarizing optical filters for visible and infrared range of spectrum


Manufacturing of polarizing films at "ZOMZ" began more than forty years ago when it was decided to start the production of polarizing devices. Long experience, high-qualified staff, advanced technologies and equipment allow us to produce high quality products:

- polarizing films and polarizing optical filters for visible and infrared range of spectrum;

- quarter wave film polarizers (circular polarizers).

At present ZOMZ is the only manufacturer of polarizing films and polarizing filters in Russia.

A polarizer or a polarizing optical filter, one of the basic types of optical linear polarizers, represents a iodine-polyvinyl film that can polarize light and is made of polyvinyl spirit and stuck between protective plane-parallel plates or between polymeric isotropic films.

Range of application: polarizing devices, microelectronics, liquid crystal display units, in research and development and as a teaching aid in the educational process.

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