Night vision goggles



The article NVG-5 night vision goggles are the most perfect home instruments of this class. Their classic de-sign, image converters of the third generation, specially calculated high-speed optics for the GaAs-photocathode spectral sensitivity allow you to work in goggles with-out illumination under any conditions of natural night light. A built-in IR illuminator makes it possible to use the goggles for works in absolute darkness at distances up to 10 m.

An automatic brightness control of the image retains its optimal value under various light conditions, protects your eyes from dazzling by bright sources of light enter-ing the instrument field of view. A convenient attach-ment of the goggles with a special mask, possibility to adjust the interpupillary distance and exit pupil position according to the observer’s eyes permit one to move confidently in the broken country, in the forest, drive vehicles without using the headlights, and carry out hidden observation and search of objects, examine a frontier control zone in search of footprints.

A wide range of operating temperatures allows the NVG-5 to be advantage in any time of the year practi-cally in all regions of the world.

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Day-time binoculars

Wide-angle binoculars BSH 8х40, BSH 10х50, BSH 12х50, BSH 16х50, BSH 20х50

Wide-angle binoculars BSH 8х40, BSH 10х50, BSH 12х50, BSH 16х50, BSH 20х50

Prism binoculars BSH 8х40, BSH 10х50, BSH 12х50, BSH 16х50, B 20х50 are designed for observation, searching for targets, measuring horizontal and vertical angles.

The binoculars have individual focusing, wide-angle eyepieces, good seal against ingress of moisture and dust; they are provided with a protracted reticule, which has a scale of divisions.

With the help of the protracted reticule one can measure angles in horizontal and vertical planes.

Besides the reticule is provided with a curve for measuring distance by device guidance on the base of tank.

By means of the reticule one can solve tasks:

- to measure angles in horizontal and vertical planes;

- to determine object (target) distance if its dimensions (height, width) are known;

- to determine distance on which is a visible tank to us;

- to maintain shooting.

On request, optics can be made of high quality SCHOTT glass (Germany).

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BO 10x50

Waterproof binoculars deliver clear vision in even the most foul weather conditions of fog, rain, snow, and the hazards of salt water exposure.

Hermetically, shock-resistant sealed and for reliable waterproof and fogproof performance.

The range meter reticule provides measurement of horizontal and vertical corners (definition of range up to objects).

Marine binoculars is standard equipment for the serious sailor, hunter, and staunch outdoor sportsman.

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