Optical parts

Optical processing

ZOMZ Optical processing is presented by an optical workshop and equipment providing manufacturing both mass and unique optics with complex antireflective, reflective and interference coatings.

Materials: optical glass of various marks, optical ceramics, quartz, silicon, germanium, sapphire, lithium fluoride, calcium fluoride, optical oxygen-free glass.

Lenses spherical, aspherical


- lenses spherical Ø 2,0 - Ø 350 мм;

- lenses aspherical Ø 13 - Ø 250 мм



Mirrors spherical, aspherical Ø 10-Ø 250 mm.

Material: Al, Ag, Cu, Au with protective coating

- reflection RAl of ≥93 %

- reflection RAg≥97 of %

Dielectric mirrors (range 0,3-1,2 microns, reflection p λ = 20-99 %)

Light filters

Light filters

Spectrum and interference light filters of different application and configuration for UV, visible and infrared ranges of spectrum.

Interference light filters: narrow-band and contrast

- Diameter: Ø 10-50 mm

- Wave length: λmax = 0,3-1,2 microns

- halfwidth:: ∆λ 0,5 = 3-25 nanometers

- Refraction index Т≥30-70 %

Plates, grids, scales, limbs

- High precision plates, thickness from 0,5 mm, nonparallelism 5 " and sizes from 3 mm up to 350 mm of various configuration;

- Grids, scales, limbs, produced by a method of mechanical division and precision photolithography.