Cuvettes are designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments in photometers, spectrophotometers, colorimeters, fluorimeters, micro colorimeters, hemoglobinometers and other devices with acids, alkalis and organic solvents. In the technological process of cuvette manufacturing we adopt a method of glass sintering that makes it possible to use our cuvettes with aggressive reagents.

  • Cuvettes are made of optical glass К8, quartz crystals KV, KU-1.
  • Various standard sizes with the length of an optical way from 1 mm up to 100 mm.
  • Delivery - in a set or by piece.
  • Quantity of the cuvettes of one standard size in one set – 3 pcs.
  • Sets are delivered in cases made of high-quality polymeric plastic.
  • Сonvenient storage and safety at transportation.
  • There is an opportunity of manufacturing cylindrical cuvettes (ø = 25 mm) and cuvettes under customer drawings.
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Whiteness testers



The device is intended for determining flour quality and grade at flour-mills and baking enterprises by means of measuring of flour reflection coefficient and whiteness index in selected parts of spectrum passed by colour filters.

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Oil-in-water analysers



The device is designed for operative determination of oil-products content in natural effluent water and other substances, which have absorption bands in the spectral region 2.0-3.5 mkm. Extraction-photometrical method is a base of IR-analyser operation.

The device ensures:

-measurement of critical concentration (minimum) of oil-products content in the water thanks to us-age of high-sensitive pyroelectrical receiver;

-measurement of oil-products concentrations by factorization coefficient and standard solution ow-ing to the built-in microprocess system.

The analyzer is made on the base of produced in lots device KFK-3.

Measurement is made by the standard method PNDF14.1:2.5-95.

The analyzer is certified, included in the state register №15561-96, the certificate №2245.

At the request of the Buyers the analyzer is stocked with an extractor with rotational speed of shaft 500-2500 revs/min; volume of agitating sample 0,5 and 0,25 l; maximum supply voltage of electric motor 12 V.

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Блескомеры БФО-1М-20°, БФО-1М-60°

БФО-1М-20°, БФО-1М-60°

Приборы предназначены для измерения блеска лакокрасочных покрытий, пластмасс и других неметаллических поверхностей при геометрии освещения/наблюдения 20°/20° и 60°/60°.

Блескомеры эффективно используются во всех областях деятельности, где блеск определяет качество.

Измерения блеска могут производиться способом наложения измерительной головки на исследуемую поверхность, образец.

Питание прибора от внутренних источников питания постоянного тока. При полностью заряженных аккумуляторах возможно непрерывное действие прибора в течение восьми часов. В случае необходимости можно зарядить внутренние источники питания с помощью зарядного устройства, входящего в комплект прибора.

Блескомеры фотоэлектрические одноугловые БФО-1М-20°, БФО-1М-60° соответствуют требованиям международных стандартов ISO 2813, ASTM D523.

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The device is designed for determining double refraction in flat blanks and products of transparent and weakly tinted materials, and is used for quantitative assessment of double refraction value by Senarmon method with an error of not greater than 10 nm, for assessment of double refraction distribution in an object by interference tinting, for examining distribution of double refraction in an object with circularly polarized light.

Instrument advantages are: its large observable field allows monitoring of large blanks and products and simultaneous monitoring of a few specimens.

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Polarizing films and polarizing optical filters for visible and infrared range of spectrum


Manufacturing of polarizing films at "ZOMZ" began more than forty years ago when it was decided to start the production of polarizing devices. Long experience, high-qualified staff, advanced technologies and equipment allow us to produce high quality products:

- polarizing films and polarizing optical filters for visible and infrared range of spectrum;

- quarter wave film polarizers (circular polarizers).

At present ZOMZ is the only manufacturer of polarizing films and polarizing filters in Russia.

A polarizer or a polarizing optical filter, one of the basic types of optical linear polarizers, represents a iodine-polyvinyl film that can polarize light and is made of polyvinyl spirit and stuck between protective plane-parallel plates or between polymeric isotropic films.

Range of application: polarizing devices, microelectronics, liquid crystal display units, in research and development and as a teaching aid in the educational process.

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The device has been designed for measuring the angle of rotation of a plane of polarization by optically active transparent and homogeneous solutions and liquids with a view to determining their concentrations.

Visual-type polarimeter manufactured to the highest standards of accuracy and reliabil-ity is convenient in use and attractively styled to reflect the current trend in instrument design and human engineering.

Polarimeter is used in various branches of industry: food, chemical, printing.

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Interference optical filters: narrow-band and contrast

Interference optical filters: narrow-band and contrast

Interference optical filters: narrow-band and contrast

- Diameter: Ø 10-50 mm

- Wave length: λmax = 0,3-1,2 microns

- halfwidth:∆λ 0,5 = 3-25 nanometers

- Refractive index Т≥30-70 %




The model KFK-5M is an easy to use portable photometer for field and laboratory use.


• Medical & clinical tests - Clinical analysis of biogenic testing material – haemoglobin, total bilirubin, conjugated bilirubin, triglycerides, cholesterin, uric acid, total calcium KFK, crude protein, albumin, glucose, creatine, thymol test, lipoproteins, iron;

• Agriculture – Chemical analysis of water, fodder and soil - nitrates, phosphates, magnesium, manganese, potassium;

• Environmental monitoring - more than 30 types of water analysis;

• Food industry, chemical industry, geology, biochemistry.


• The RS232 output provides a convenient link to a PC;

• Automatic set-up with sound ready-to-work signal;

• User-friendly on screen guidance for easy operation;

• Wide spectral range;

• Modes for Absorbance, %T and Concentration measurement;

• Calibration is performed against a blank (Abs and %T) and a standard or factor for Concentration;

• 3 cuvette types: rectangular cells 10x10 mm, cylindrical cells Ø 10 mm, funnel top flow through cells Ø 10 mm, min sample volume 2 cm 3 .

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The Model FPA-2-01 is a low temperature single channel Flame Photometer designed for the routine determinations of Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Lithium (Li) and Calcium (Ca) in Clinical and Industrial applications.

By the heat of the flame each element produces a characteristic colour emission which has a specific light wave length. The monochromator selects the suitable (characteristic) wavelength of the emitted light. The emitted light reaches the photodetector and is registered. Due to the construction of the photodetector four elements can be measured simultaneously. The in-built microcomputer processes all data and enables readings to be directly displayed in mg/l.

The Model FPA-2-01 is fitted with automatic flame failure detection for user safety.

On request the instrument can be customised to measure Strontium ( Sr) instead of Lithium (Li).

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