The PDN-3 sight is an optoelectronic device designed for aimed pointing while shooting under conditions of natural day and night illumination.

The device satisfies completely the require-ments of hunters and at the same time can be used as a night vision monocular for observation and orientation with respect to the terrain.

The sight is mounted on a rifle of type "Saiga", "Tigr" by means of a specialized side bracket, which is a part of the complete set.

Operating temperature range is from minus 30 0C to plus 40 0C.

The sight is powered from two supply cells of type A-316 (АА).

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Monocular «day-night» MDN-3


The unique optical device ensures opportunity of twenty-four-hour observation – by day and at night including in total darkness! Two in one! Two full optical instruments - day and night monoculars are in one compact, sealed, nitrogen bearing body with common objective and eyepiece for both channels!

Original constructive decision provides mini-mum weight of the device, simplicity and comfort of switching over the channels, protection of light-sensitive sensors of night channel during casual turning it on by day. Presence of IR-illuminator al-lows observing in total darkness. Perfect optical system ensures high image quality both of day and night channels.

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The DAY-NIGHT BINOCULARS BDN-3 are designed for observation during the day, as well as at night. The simplicity in handling the binoculars and their reliability are combined with excellent optical characteristics.

High quality GEN 2+ Image Intensifiers combined with high resolution of the BDN-3 ensure effective spotting of the full height targets at the distance of 300-400 m. and their successful identification at the distance of 200-250 m.

Binoculars are fit for work at an ambient temperature from -40°С to +40°С.

15 mm of eye relief provides exceptional visual comfort even if you wear glasses.

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