Model KFK-3-«ZOMZ» is a high performance ergonomically designed spectrophotometer intended for a clinical and chemical analysis of solutions.

Main features and benefits:

• 1200lines/mm grating monochromator;

• Narrow 5 nm bandwidth;

• Input and storage (including when the instrument is switched off) for up to 200 methods/results;

• Conversational mode: automatic set-up with sound ready-to-work signal;

• Display of user’s errors on alpha-numeric indicator;

• Concentration calibration up to 6 standards;

• The reaction kinetics program provides an excellent enzyme analysis system.

• Switching to «Operating Mode»: automatic switch time stamping, signal measurement and record while photodetector is inactive;

• The RS232 output provides a convenient link to a PC;

• Model KFK-3-02-«ZOMZ» has a thermostatted cuvette compartment.



- Medical & clinical tests - Clinical analysis of biogenic testing material – sugar, bilirubin, glucose, cholesterol, kreatine;

- Chemical laboratories: analyte determination - urea, albumen, alkalis, phosphates; water quality control in compliance with State Standard R-51232-98.



3 filters, cuvette set № 4 (№1, №2, №5 – on customer request).


3 filters, cuvette 10x10 mm – 6 pcs, cuvette holder, cuvette set № 4 (№1, №2, №5 – on customer request), thermostat.

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Cuvettes are designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments in photometers, spectrophotometers, colorimeters, fluorimeters, micro colorimeters, hemoglobinometers and other devices with acids, alkalis and organic solvents. In the technological process of cuvette manufacturing we adopt a method of glass sintering that makes it possible to use our cuvettes with aggressive reagents.

  • Cuvettes are made of optical glass К8, quartz crystals KV, KU-1.
  • Various standard sizes with the length of an optical way from 1 mm up to 100 mm.
  • Delivery - in a set or by piece.
  • Quantity of the cuvettes of one standard size in one set – 3 pcs.
  • Sets are delivered in cases made of high-quality polymeric plastic.
  • Сonvenient storage and safety at transportation.
  • There is an opportunity of manufacturing cylindrical cuvettes (ø = 25 mm) and cuvettes under customer drawings.
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